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Black Diamond Women's Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

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Black Diamond Women's Trail Ergo Cork Trekking Poles

By Becky

Enwild Gear Specialist

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Black Diamond Women's Trail Ergo Cork trekking poles offer innovative features rarely found on poles sold at this price. Easy-to-adjust external locks, ergonomic cork grips, and aluminum construction combine to make the poles a great value.


Black Diamond Women's Trail Ergo Cork trekking poles offer innovative features rarely found on poles sold at this price. Easy-to-adjust external locks, ergonomic cork grips, and aluminum construction combine to make the poles a great value.

Far easier to adjust than the internal locking mechanisms used by many telescoping poles, the external locks found on these poles are ideal for use in all conditions and seasons. Black Diamond's FlickLock system couldn't be much simpler. Even if you're wearing gloves, it's a cinch to open the lock with a flip of your finger, slide the pole section to the required length and tap the lock back into place. Once you've used FlickLocks, you'll wonder why anyone would ever want to wrestle with temperamental internal mechanisms.

Ergonomic cork grips provide contoured and comfortable handholds and additional lengths of foam padding extend far down the upper pole sections, allowing you to adjust where you grasp the poles without having to shorten or extend the poles each time you encounter a steep slope. Padded, adjustable webbing straps help to reduce stress on your wrists.

Press-fit Tech Tips have integrated low-profile trekking baskets that provide backcountry traction. These tips allow you to choose between a carbide tip that offers ideal bite on ice and other hard surfaces and non-scarring rubber tips that won't damage trails or rock. You can also equip the poles for winter use by utilizing broader-diameter Powder Baskets (sold separately).

Sold in pairs, Black Diamond Women's Trail Ergo Cork trekking poles offer a usable adjustment range of 25"-49".

  • 15-degree ergonomically angled grip
  • Cork grip
  • Adjustable length (25"-49”)
  • Each pair weighs 17.2 oz
  • Dual FlickLocks
  • High surface-area wrist strap
  • Interchangeable carbide Tech Tips
  • 38mm trekking basket included (ski-compatible ferrule will accept 100mm powder baskets)

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Hiking, Mountaineering
Maximum Length
Minimum Length
Item Weight
17.6 oz/pair
One Year Limited
Trekking Poles (Pair)

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5 / 5


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Andrea R.


My new favorite


I finally got myself my first pair of serious trekking poles after four years of borrowing my father's Black Diamond Carbon FLZ poles. No these poles aren't as "fancy" as some others, but poles aren't the sort of thing that needs to be. Here is what I like: -In general, the best thing about women's specific poles is their size. I am short (5'3"), and use poles around 110cm. These go down to 100cm so it is nice to have some buffer below 110 if needed (most men's poles START around 110cm) and enjoy a little weight savings in having shorter poles -Speaking of weight, while these aren't the lightest poles ever (The Carbon FLZ's are about 13oz, which is only 4oz difference), these certainly aren't heavy by any means. They are incredibly light and I have never felt that the extra 4oz weighs me down. While keeping weight light for hiking and backpacking is important, poles are one thing where I don't feel the need to go ultralight. I like to feel like they are sturdy, and something with a little weight to it can be nice. The more flexible aluminum at a lower cost is a win-win to me. Carbon poles aren't worth buying into unless its a race. -These poles adjust externally which I LOVE. I have borrowed some internal locking poles from friends in the past and I always find them a little confusing because they are not as straightforward and on a few occasions even caused them to come unscrewed and shorten while hiking. It's nice to know for sure when these puppies are locked and secure and that I can adjust it with the "flick" of the "flicklock" system. -The grips are fantastic! The cork is so comfortable and wicks moisture like a dream! This is the one thing I was willing to compromise on when looking for poles. It's personal preference I suppose, but for me, nothing beats cork. The angle of the ergo handle makes a difference as well. I wonder why they don't have this option for more of their designs? Lastly, the foam below the cork handle is a must-have for any pole to switch to when going up steep terrain and the flat top is good to palm for the way down. -Interchangeable carbide tip is very important and a spot-on standard feature -Blue is my favorite color. Not a deciding factor but a plus. I did like the blue shade they used on the previous model better but exact color isn't everything.


-While these poles do not have Black Diamond's "flicklock pro" or "smashock" systems which make adjustability even quicker, an antishock system, or folding capabilities, (potential cons, yes) I would say most people do not NEED these options. -I am an avid hiker who often covers long 10+ mile treks and frequently conquers 2,000 to 5,000 ft elevation gain hikes. These poles adjust fast enough for me and while it's easy to get caught in having the above-stated features, it's important to recognize that these poles work just fine and still adjust quickly and easily. -Antishock is another thing that is nice to have but doesn't change hiking experience for most users. If you are someone that has issues with your wrists, shoulders, or joints in the area this probably would be a must. But for the average joe, it is not probably not going to be missed. -The lack of collapsibility is probably the largest potential con. They are 25 inches or so minimum length. Most of the time my poles stay fully adjusted between storing them in my house, putting them in my car, and using them on the trail. I strap my poles collapsed and fastened to the outside of my pack when needed. For the traveling hiker or someone that needs to store their poles in a pack, know these poles will not fit in a carryon suitcase (I tried) but do fit in a normal full size one or a very large duffle. -While the straps are comfortable, the inside blue color is light and I do expect these to become inevitably stained over years of use. However, as long as the function is retained that's what matters. -A wrench is not included to adjust tension in the pole locks. Be sure to always carry one while hiking just in case. At this price point you can't really complain though. Overall, these poles have everything most people need and nothing they don't. Life is complicated enough, poles don't need to be. The value is here folks. They are a solid buy, especially if found on sale, just like many review forums state and I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I expect these to last a long time :)