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Item # KATEB203

Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Microfilter

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Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Microfilter

By Luke

Enwild Gear Specialist

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An ideal filtration solution for trail runners, fast packers, and ounce-counting hikers and backpackers, the Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Microfilter marries a microfilter to a flexible drinking flask to provide immediately safe, drinkable water.


An ideal filtration solution for trail runners, fast packers, and ounce-counting hikers and backpackers, the Katadyn BeFree 1.0L Microfilter marries a microfilter to a flexible drinking flask to provide immediately safe, drinkable water.

Eliminating the need for hoses or separate containers, the system integrates a 0.1 micron microfilter directly into the cap to remove bacteria and cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. No pumping is required and there's no need to allow time for purification to occur. Simply remove the cap and dip the flexible, BPA-free 1.0L Hydrapak Flask into your water source, screw on the cap, squeeze the bottle, and drink from the “stay clean” nozzle. The filter’s hollow fiber EZ-Clean Membrane can be easily cleaned at home without the need for backflushing, brushes, or other cleaning tools.

The collapsible design of the drinking flask makes the microfilter perfectly suited for the pockets on standard backpacks, running vests, or even cycling jerseys and the entire system weighs in at just 2 ounces! A wide mouth opening on the flask makes it easy to fill, empty, and clean.

Note: The EZ-Clean Membrane has a capacity of up to 1,000 liters, depending on water quality and the EZ-Clean Membrane Replacement Element (sold separately) can be purchased to extend the life of the system beyond that point.

  • 10" x 3"
  • 2.0 quart/minute output
  • Hollow fiber filter
  • 2 oz weight
  • Effective against bacteria and cysts
  • Capacity of up to 1,000 liters

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Hiking, Cycling, Travel, Emergency Preparedness
Field Maintainable
Filter Material
0.1 micron hollow-fiber
Flow Rate
2 quart/minute
Bacteria and Cysts, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium
Item Weight
2 oz
Item Dimensions
10" x 3"
2 Year Limited
up to 1,000 liters, depending on water quality

Our Thoughts

15 Reviews

4.53 / 5

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Andrew B.


Great filter, see reasons


Fast flow water, and can drink at normal suction level through this filter with the included bladder. Also, it can fit other smaller sized bladders for runners or people that do not want to carry large water bladders on their back and still have access to water sources. This is a truly great product and the only negative I have about it is that I personally do not need the 1L sized bladder.


Wish I had gone with the .5L bladder bag instead of the 1L, good to have variety though I guess.



Great upgrade from Sawyer


I switched from a Sawyer Squeeze to this and will never look back. This is MUCH easier to fill and the flow rate is about triple the Sawyer. I know this filter won't last as long, but with proper care, I'm sure it will last me plenty long. The flexible bottle makes it really easy to filter water into any other bottle I'm using for a water carry. Overall, really happy with this.


I do have a love/hate relationship with the flexible bottle. Love it when it's full because it works great with my shoulder strap bottle holder. Not so great when it's more than half empty.



Amazing easy to use


easy to use, very compact, lightweight


did not find

Linda Myers




Easy to use, quick fill, quick filter.


No dislikes!

Paul V.


Easy all around


Collapsibility, ease of cleaning, and weight


Nothing yet, I hope the bottle itself lasts a while

Alexandra T.




lite & easy to use.



Doug C.


Great filter


Light, easy to use, no chemical aftertaste in the water, good water flow through filter, rolls/compacts down to almost nothing. I used this on the JMT last summer. It's a great product.


One star off because it's a little fragile: the snap-on cap eventually wouldn't snap shut, so I couldn't store water in this, only use it to filter. Enwild allowed me to return for a new unit.

Htien H.


Great product!


I think this is the best filtration bottle I have seen so far as the flow is quick compared to the other products I have purchased before.



Srawut K.


Easy to carry


Easy to carry with the purified water in everywhere



Evan M.


Filter your water and Be Free to hike


A quick and simple solution for those who are on the go and hiking fast, just scoop and drink, the collapsible bag seems durable and pleasant to grip. The design is well enough to be a top seller, not quite the reputation of the sawyer squeeze that seems limitless, this is a good alternative but with a shorter lifespan, flow rate is superior to the sawyer, but it does need a separate cap for those cold nights where you need to sleep with the filter in your bag.


The life span of the filter and threading is slightly more challenging than desired. Leaks if not threaded correctly. I made a mistake of leaving my filter out, it froze at 6,100 feet at 30 degrees, made a rookie mistake and forgot all about it.



Fast Filter


Light weight, fast stream when filter, extra container when requires extra drinking water.


The soft flask is easily punctured. Be mindful when storing it in your pack or placing it while filter your water on the trail. I patch the hole on the flask with duct tape and it works fine. So far, I haven't find any store that sell just a flask.

Allen O.


compact great water filter system for travel but it leaks


it is easy to use and compact. it's lightweight and store inside of backpack easily.


It leaks