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Item # MSRE6201

MSR Guardian Purifier

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MSR Guardian Purifier

By Luke

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The MSR Guardian Purifier was designed to be the safest, easiest way to purify water anywhere on earth. Co-developed with the military, the Guardian uses advanced hollow-fibers to remove viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and sediment from even the dirtiest water.


The MSR Guardian Purifier was designed to be the safest, easiest way to purify water anywhere on earth. Co-developed with the military, the Guardian uses advanced hollow-fibers to remove viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and sediment from even the dirtiest water.

On each stroke, the Guardian uses 10% of its water to flush contaminants from its filter, releasing them through the dirty water outlet hose. This self-cleaning system ensures a fast flow rate regardless of water conditions.

The Hollow Fiber Technology used by the Guardian Purifier enables it to filter up to 2.5 liters of water per minute efficiently and effectively. The 0.02 Micron cartridge is self-cleaning and long lasting, effectively filtering up to 10,000 liters of water before needing replaced. Because of the fast flow rate, long cartridge life and durability of the Guardian it is extremely useful for group camping situations or extended backpacking trips.

  • Advanced hollow-fiber cartridge meets testing standards used by U.S. military for removing viruses, protozoa, bacteria and sediment from even the filthiest water
  • Patent-pending system self-cleans with each stroke, eliminating the need to ever backflush or filter-scrub to maintain flow
  • Purifies 2.5 liters per minute from nearly any source without chemicals, bulbs or batteries
  • Treats up to 10,000+ liters
  • Withstands heavy use, freezing and extreme environments, an is impact resistant
California residents: view proposition 65  Warning

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Camping, Travel
Field Maintainable
Filter Material
Hollow Fiber 0.02 pore size
Flow Rate
2.5 liters per minute
Viruses, Protozoa, Bacteria, and Sediment
Item Weight
17.3 ox
Item Dimensions
8.2" x 4.7"
Limited Lifetime
10,000+ Liters

37 Reviews

4.86 / 5


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The best portable water treatment system on the market


Fast, easy to use, high volume, self cleaning. I used Guardian Purifier on Rio Grande River water along the Mexican border while on a 5 day kayak trip. This river water has a lot of sediment in it. The Purifier didn't have any issues treating the water. After the first day of use, I experimented with treating the captured river water with ammonium alum powder prior to filtering. The alum powder accelerates the flocculation process and dramatically reduces the amount of sediment in the water. Filtering or purifying water with high concentrations of sediment shortens the life of filters and purifiers. National Park Service Grand Canyon has a good article about treating river water with this process. if interested Google it.


Size. It is bulky compared to gravity filter systems but this is a purifier, not a simple filter system.It is made almost entirely of plastic. Not sure how well it would hold up if dropped.



King of the Hill


fast, efficient, safe. I love the self cleaning aspect, don't have to take time to pull the filter and backwash/scrub it clean. Love that it fits widemouth bottles, makes it a lot easier to keep the clean water contaminant free. Good cary case, packs up small for what you get.


Cost, it's reasonable for what you get. Just wish is was closer to $250 instead of $350.



Number one in its class


Despite being built in plastic, you can see the build quality. Easy to use, and easy to pack.


Due to its high cost, it is inevitable to take more care of it than necessary.



Solid, easy to use and water tastes good


I took this on a canoe trip for 3 days on the Allegheny river and it worked amazingly well. The water tasted good, the pump mechanism was easy to use, and I liked that I could pump the water directly into my nalgene instead of a bag. I did choose to bring 2 Nalgene widemouth bottles so I could use it on both. The straw cord seemed to be a good length (I'm 5'4") to reach the water comfortably while I pumped and still small enough to roll up around the pump when not in use.


With one of the Nalgene bottles the pump seemed to attach too securely and I had difficulty getting it off, but that may have been user error. I also would appreciate more clear waterproof instructions in the carrying bag, but I'd taken pictures of the full instructions and I was able to refer to them.

Jennifer E.


Worth the investment


First off, love ordering from this company. Reaching a live person is rare these days and Enwild is above and beyond in talking you through any product you aren't sure of. I did my research for this purifier and am super satisfied with the performance. I live full time on the road and this purifier is solid, does the job easily and requires minimal maintenance. We are able to filter a large amount of water without bad taste, any mess, and easy pumping. Do the research and you won't be disappointed.



Phillip T.


Worth every penny


Fast pump rate. Nalgene attaches to it and makes it easy to use. Provides delicious clean water. Easy to maintenance.


Absolutely none. Some may say size and weight. For me, worth every bit. Cant put a price on clean delicious drinking water in your bottle within seconds.

Rick R.


Best Alternative to Carrying Tons of Water


We use this for long distance sailboat races as our source of water for the crew of 8 people. This saves us from bringing close to 400 pounds of water aboard and gives us an unending supply of fresh, clean, great tasting water.


I have no dislikes for this product. I truly love everything about it.



I Trust It


This is the device I chose to provide me with clean drinking water no matter where I go. The auto-flush is very convenient. Though expensive, it will pay for itself with how long it will last.


Doesn't improve the taste like with a charcoal filter.

Allen O.


top of the class in water purifier


Extremely fast water flow and do not need to worry about the virus.



Anna S.


Easy to use


Well made, works great. Good carry case, clear instructions. Compared to the old Scout filter we've carried for 20 years, the size/weight of this one was similar with much higher filtering speed and effectiveness.


We are banking on longevity relative to the cost!

Ryan G.


looks good, easy to transport


looks good and sturdy.


no issues yet

Nelson B.


Best purifier on the market


Quality and durability, filters viruses, self cleaning


My dislikes are very small compared to my likes. I would prefer it to be smaller but it's not a deal breaker. Also, this is irrational, but I'm concerned about something breaking. This is irrational as nothing has broken yet and there is no sign that anything will break.