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Item # BLD8C203M

Black Diamond Storm 375 (Closeout) Headlamp

This product is no longer available, but there is a newer version.
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Black Diamond Storm 375 Headlamp

By Troy

Enwild Gear Specialist

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Boasting rugged waterproof construction and an array of features, the Black Diamond Storm 375 headlamp delivers 375 Lumens of illumination and reliable performance for a broad range of outdoor activities.


Boasting rugged waterproof construction and an array of features, the Black Diamond Storm 375 headlamp delivers 375 Lumens of illumination and reliable performance for a broad range of outdoor activities.

The headlamp’s highest setting casts a bright beam over 328 feet! Burn time varies between 5 and 150 hours depending on the settings you utilize. You can choose between proximity and distance modes and a strobe setting comes in handy in emergencies. Red, green, and blue bulbs can be used to provide and preserve optimal night vision. An integrated dimmer switch allows you to fine-tune brightness in whatever mode you are using. Convenient PowerTap technology delivers on-the-fly brightness adjustment and a Brightness Memory enables you to turn the headlamp on and off and return to the setting you were last using rather than having to always toggle through modes. A locking function allows you to prevent the light from accidentally turning on when stowed inside your pack.

The headlamp is powered by four AAA Alkaline batteries (included). With the batteries, the Storm weighs 4.2 ounces. An integrated battery meter helps track how much power you have remaining. An elastic headband adjusts to enhance comfort and ensure that the headlamp remains securely in place while in use. The hinged housing lets you angle the beam as needed for the situation. The housing has an IP67rating that ensures fully waterproof and dustproof protection.

The Black Diamond Storm 375 headlamp is available in your choice of color options.

  • Emits up to 375 lumens on max setting
  • PowerTap Technology
  • 6-Setting 3-LED battery meter
  • Brightness Memory feature
  • 3 different colored night vision modes
  • Peripheral white lighting for close-range activities
  • Regulated for constant light output
  • Compact, low-profile design
  • Uses four AAA batteries
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red, green and blue night-vision, and lock mode
  • Multifaceted optical lens design
  • IP67-rated waterproof and dustproof housing

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Hiking, Climbing, Mountaineering
4 AAA (included)
375 Lumens
Housing Tilts
Yes; IP67 rating
Item Weight
4.2 oz w/ batteries
One Year Limited

8 Reviews

4.38 / 5

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Marcos M


Nice lamp, lots of functions


Like the dimming and the RGB. Sturdy and durable. Mine is two years old and still rocks. No joke about the waterproof. As someone who has found his lamp turned on for who-knows-how-long inside his backpack, love the locking function. The battery indicator is very handy, specially because of ...(see dislikes)


Eats cheap batteries like candy. If you plan on an all-night-hike, buy some quality batteries. The touch control is somewhat tricky. You access the functions through 2-button combinations, some may find that a little confusing.

Aaron Huckabee




Lightweight, powerful, different color options



Jeremy R.




Very bright. Great features. Love the RGB


I really wanted this lamp to work. I does everything I wanted it to.....for about 20 minutes. This thing eats batteries like crazy. Enwild exchanged for a new one. Same results. Getting a refund.

Matt T.


Awesome Headlamp


Love the different options this little light provides. Good battery life.



Hsing-o L.




very nice.



Reuben B.


Great headlamp with more features than you probably need.


I like that ability to dim all modes. I also like the fact that it has RGB so you can choose the color that works best for the situation. The best feature is probably the battery level indicator.


I don't like that one of the adjustment buckles on the strap is backwards. I'm sure it's designed that way but my ocd is killing me.



More than enough brightness for lighting trails. Battery life isn’t the best. After a few hours of run time the light would automatically dim to lowest setting. Not sure power saving mode or defect.


Bright. Easy to use functions.


Auto dimming.

James R.


Rugged and Comfortable


This model offers a comfortable fit and stays in place despite its rugged design. The ability to dim both the white and infrared is also a plus.


To save on battery the lamp will shut down the white light. This is kinda unexpected and can be inconvenient.