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Product Safety

Products with Active Recalls

We're here to help. If a product we carry has a safety issue that requires a recall, we notify all customers who we can identify as having bought the product from us.

Optimus Gemini: The portable two-burner Gemini gas stove has a gas regulator inside the body of the unit. An internal part of the gas regulator component may have a burr that may wear or tear a hole in the seal, causing gas to leak out of the back of the regulator, posing a fire hazard. View recall announcement

Salewa Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX: The Men's and Women's Alp Trainer 2 Mid GTX hiking boots manufactured through March 2022 are recalled for a possible trip and/or fall hazard if they are laced loosely, unlaced at the ankle support of the boot, not laced through the eyelet, or the lace hooks are left unlaced. Under those circumstances, it is unlikely but possible that the lace hook on the inside of one boot can catch on a loose cable on the inside of the other boot. View recall announcement

If you have addiitonal questions or concerns, please contact us by phone or email – we’re here for you.

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