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Item # EXPA6205M

Exped SynMat 3-D 7 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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A unique combination of warmth, comfort, and packability, the Exped SynMat 3-D 7 sleeping pad has the versatility to appeal to backpackers and campers alike. Internal insulation and a thickness of 2.8” equips the pad for year-round use.


A unique combination of warmth, comfort, and packability, the Exped SynMat 3-D 7 sleeping pad has the versatility to appeal to backpackers and campers alike. Internal insulation and a thickness of 2.8” equips the pad for year-round use.

The inflatable pad employs separated air chambers and innovative 3-D construction that uses unique, vertical sidewalls to offer amazing comfort. Durable 75D laminated polyester fabric is air tight, is slip proof, and offers both UV and abrasion resistance. A layer of microfiber insulation laminated to the bottom and top of each baffled air chamber eliminates cold spots and contributes to the pad’s year-round-worthy 4.9 R-value

The glues traditionally used in sleeping pad construction are often broken down by moisture but Exped's proprietary, fabric lamination process creates air tight baffles and prevents moisture build up in the pad from destroying these glues, resulting in no loss of air over time. Separate flat valves for inflation and deflation offer a high volume of air flow in and out of the pad making inflating and deflating the pad fast and easy. An included pumpsack lets you blow up the pad without introducing the moisture that happens when inflating by mouth.

Available in your choice of Medium (72” x 20.5”), Medium/Wide (72” x 25.6”) and Long/Wide (77.6” x 25.6”) size options, each Exped SynMat 3-D 7 inflatable sleeping pad includes its own stuff sack and field repair kit.

  • Double side usability with Winter side and Summer side
  • Summer side fabric is smooth and cool
  • Winter side fabric is fuzzy and warm
  • Smart pumpsack included
  • Innovative 3-D build for a flat sleeping surface from edge to edge

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Camping
R Value
Item Weight
Medium: 28.9 oz
Medium/Wide: 35.8 oz
Long/Wide: 37.6 oz
Item Dimensions
Medium: 72" x 20.5" x 2.8"
Medium/Wide: 72" x 25.6" x 2.8"
Long/Wide: 77.6" x 25.6" x 2.8"
Stuff Sack, Pump Sack and Repair Kit Included
5 Years
Inflatable Sleeping Pad
Packed Size
Medium: 9.1" x 5.5"
Medium/Wide: 11" x 5.5"
Long/Wide: 11" x 5.7"

6 Reviews

5 / 5


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Unparalleled Stability


Due to back problems, we were looking to find a comfortable, stable, supportive mat that would accommodate a lot of sleep positions, be quiet for a restless sleeper, have side rails and non-slippery fabric to help stay on the mat, provide effective thermal protection from the cold/damp ground, and fit a tall frame. After comparing to other Exped, Thermarest, Sea to Summit and Big Agnes pads, this one was the consistent winner. It feels bigger than other pads of the same size. Due to the narrower baffles it also provides a firm feel, without the over-inflated innertube feeling, so that is a plus. Liked the valve arrangement and ease of inflate/deflate.


It is heavy, but worth it for the needs it meets.

Bryan B.


Great product


Easy to inflate. Comes with bag to inflate.



Bradley L.


Excellent Sleeping Pad


The new inflation bag method is way superior to the older style internal hand pumps. It takes less than a minute to fill up these up. Really comfortable sleeping pads. Wife and I spent 19 nights on these pads last summer. The two surfaces (warm & fuzzy / cool) is nice to have to switch between depending on the weather. Durable - We have a small trail puppy that comes on all adventures. She would walk on the bare mats and dig into them/the sleeping bags a bit to make her bed, no leaks!


The stuff sack the come with is a bit large. We roll two of these pads together and fit them in an older exped downmat 9 sack (barely) for maximum space savings.

Skip D.


Easy up, easy down


Altho I have not slept on this mat yet, I did lay on it in my living room. It's very comfortable. What I like is the easy way it inflates, but also impressed with how quickly it deflates and goes back in bag without any struggles. So often I have received items that come in cute little bags, but you can never get them back in after using. One thing I don't need in the morning is a struggle getting packed up.


Of I ever find a dislike, I'll rewrite this review.

A B M.


Great product


Easy to inflate with the accompanying air bag very comfortable Good insulation


on the heavy side



Great improvement over the previous Synmat 7


I had the original Synmat 7 and liked it, but the 3D is a definite improvement. First, it's available in more sizes and I really like the MW---extra width without being too long. Second, it was smart of Exped to get rid of the built-in pump, which never worked that well. The yellow pumpsack works really well---inflates quickly and is much easier to handle than the large orange pumpsack. Getting rid of the built-in pump took off some weight. The box sides really do make a difference in comfort, and the fuzzy bottom material is warmer. There are lighter backpacking mattresses out there, of course. But if you're willing to carry a bit of extra weight (I am), I think the Synmat 3D-7 is as good as it gets in the backpacking category for comfort, warmth, ease of inflation, and durability. I've owned 5 Expeds and have slept about 500 nights on them. I've never had a single durability problem. Before you make up your mind, check out the 4.7” thick Synmat Mega 12. In the MW, the Mega12 is only 7 oz. more than the 3D 7, but it’s a lot more comfortable. I would give the Synmat 12 a perfect 5 stars for comfort and the 3D 7 4 stars. (On the other hand, if you’re using a cot like the Helinox One, I think the thinner 3D 7 is more comfortable–-less bouncy.) They’re both great!