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Item # LEKDA221M

LEKI Micro Trail Pro (Closeout) Trekking Poles (Pair)

This product is no longer available, but there is a newer version.
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A lightweight, versatile option for ultrarunners or ounce-counting thru-hikers, LEKI Micro Trail Pro fixed length poles provide collapsibility and stability at a weight of just 13.4 ounces per pair.


A lightweight, versatile option for ultrarunners or ounce-counting thru-hikers, LEKI Micro Trail Pro fixed length poles provide collapsibility and stability at a weight of just 13.4 ounces per pair.

Streamlined cork component grips employ LEKI’s Trigger Shark Active straps to deliver a connection point between your hands and the poles. This provides ergonomic performance, enhances agility, and effectively transfers power while in use. A security release system enables you to quickly connect and disconnect from the poles to change your grip position. If you prefer, you can remove the straps entirely and use the poles without them. An extended section of grip that extends down the pole shafts eliminates the need to shorten the length of the poles every time you encounter a steep slope or side hill traverse.

Employing a concealed inner cord that runs through all of the pole’s carbon fiber shaft sections, the “foldable” design allows the poles to collapse down to just 14.6”. After each shaft section is aligned, the internal tension locks each section securely in place. This innovative design saves weight while still delivering surprising strength.

Integrated concave tips keep weight to a minimum while providing excellent traction. The housing of the tips also shaves ounces while delivering optimized swing weight.

Sold in pairs, LEKI Micro Trail Pro poles are available in your choice of fixed lengths to accommodate trail runners and hikers of varying heights.

  • Collapsible design
  • Fixed length pole
  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Shark 2.0/Active Grip and strap
  • Trail tips

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Hiking, Running/Fitness
Maximum Length
110 cm: 43.3”
115 cm: 45.3”
120 cm: 47.2"
125 cm: 49.2"
130 cm: 51.2"
135 cm: 53.1"
Minimum Length
14.6" (37 cm)
Item Weight
13.4 oz/pr
1 Year Limited
Carbon Fiber Shafts

2 Reviews

5 / 5


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Ian D.


New to running with poles


It is very interesting the first time you run with poles... But the first time you run up a very steep grade, the power is real. The combination of added stability and oomf uphill is completely worth any annoyance inherent to carrying sticks.


One of poles has very tight ferrules that make collapsing the pole slightly slower than the other... doesn't impact the performance really, just a workmanship/tolerances critique.

Kendall W.


A step forward in trekking pole technology.


Simply put, these are the best poles I have ever used. They're incredibly light, compact when collapsed, and plenty strong. I primarily use them for running and recently completed a 100k with them and had basically no hand/wrist fatigue at the end. This is largely due to the "shark" attachment mechanism, which is an improvement over the old strap design in every measurable capacity. Also of note is that the tips are directional, which really helps to bite into the ground, thus increasing the effectiveness of the poles across just about every terrain. Basically I have more power with every stride because the tips let me push longer and harder without letting go. I'm incredibly pleased with these and my only concern is whether or not I should buy another pair to have on hand in case these get stolen.


There's really not much to dislike but I can point out two minor inconveniences. The first is that the color scheme is a bit loud for my taste. The second is that you need to take a second to orient the directional tips after extending the poles.