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Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

By Enwild

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The innovative Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 20 Degree zipperless sleeping bag lets you sleep in the great outdoors with similar comfort to your bed at home whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper. Featuring DriDown water-resistant down, this unique bag is a great option for 3-season backpacking.


The innovative Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 20 Degree zipperless sleeping bag lets you sleep in the great outdoors with similar comfort to your bed at home whether you’re a back, side or stomach sleeper. Featuring DriDown water-resistant down, this unique bag is a great option for 3-season backpacking.

Renowned for their efficiency in retaining heat and compressible properties, the feathers and fibers of down have an incredibly soft, comfortable feel, and despite advances in synthetic materials, continue to provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation available. The one inherent weakness of down insulation is that it loses much of its ability to maintain warmth when it gets wet, but the bag’s 700-fill DriDown performs differently. Employing a unique, innovative polymer application, DriDown actually creates a hydrophobic finish on each individual plume of down. This treatment results in insulation that stays dry up to 10 times longer and dries 33% faster, should it become wet, than untreated down bags.

By eliminating zippers, Sierra Designs has created a sleeping bag that’s more similar to your down comforter at home than a traditional sleeping bag, though without your comforter’s annoying ability to shift off your body in the middle of the night as you move. Get in the Backcountry Bed through the unique catenary shaped opening that’s smaller than bag width to seal out drafts even when you’re shifting inside. Once settled in, the versatile integrated comforter fits naturally around you and conforms to your preferred sleeping position while also allowing you to easily adjust for varying temperatures. Insulated pockets in the comforter provide a cozy place for your arms and hands to stay warm if you’re not cocooned down inside the bag, or tuck the sides of the comforter around and beneath you when the temperature drops to be fully ensconced; the top of the bag also allows you to tuck your head inside for insulated warmth much like a hood. A stretch cord closure system allows you to completely seal out drafts. A unique zipperless, self-sealing foot vent allows you to extend your feet out of the bottom of the bag in balmy weather but effectively retains heat when temperatures require it. A sleeve on the bottom of the bag lets you pair it directly to a sleeping pad (pad not included) to even better create a bed-like sleeping experience while spending the night outside.

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 700 20 Degree sleeping bag is available in Regular (fits up to 6' 0") and Long (fits up to 6' 6") sizes. A stuff sack and storage sack are included.

  • Patent Pending zipperless design provides more comfort
  • Oversized Integrated Comforter
  • Insulated hand and arm pockets help to seal out drafts
  • Patented self sealing foot vent provides fast and easy ventilation
  • Stretch cord closure system helps to seal out drafts
California residents: view proposition 65  Warning

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Camping
En Comfort Rating
28 Degrees F
En Lower Limit Rating
16 Degrees F
Fill Material
700-Fill DriDown
Fits To Girth
Regular: 61"
Long: 64"
Fits To Length
Regular: 6' 0"
Long: 6' 6"
Temperature Rating
20 Degrees F
Insulation Type
Item Weight
Regular: 2 lb, 8 oz
Long: 2 lb, 11 oz
Stuff Sack and Storage Sack Included
Limited Lifetime
Packed Size
16" x 8.5"
Shell Material
20D Polyester Taffeta w/ DWR
Liner Material
20D Polyester Taffeta

12 Reviews

4.92 / 5


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Brian M.


Much better than a regular bag


Usually the temperature changes a lot through the night, and sleeping in this bag makes it easy to adjust to the falling temperature (pull your feet in, pull the quilt around you) without waking up. Love it!


None, really. You always want things lighter, but I don't know how to do that.

Matthew B.


Absolutely love this bag!!


Roomy, light even for being bigger, super warm, love the ease of getting in and out with the zipper less design, my sea to summit pillow fits right inside!





Great Upgrade


Plenty of space inside to move around and get comfortable, easier to get in and out than I expected. I'm 5'9" and the regular bag is plenty big. Way warmer than the walmart mummy bag I had been using and packs into a much smaller and lighter package.


Not a ton of space for my head inside the hood with an inflatable Klymit pillow in there.

Everette G.


Best bag I've owned, hands down.


Incredibly comfortable bag. Took down almost to the comfort limit (29°) and stayed warm with next to normal layers. Easy to get in and out of, easy to wrap around and get warm. Slight learning curve but still the most comfortable bag I own. Hood is massive and fits my sea to summit aeros premium (large size) with not issue. Able to roll around and not come uncovered. I am a big guy (6'3", 260) and the long fits me perfectly. Not too heavy for backpacking. Best purchase so far.


Hood could use a cinch cord, only downside I found.

Garret M.


Best bag I've owned


I love the comfort this bag provides via the unique comforter you can easily pull over you and take off if you get too hot. I didn't think it'd be such a big deal but turns out I love being able to kick my feet out of the bottom of the bag when things get too toasty. Overall really enjoying this bag and very satisfied with the purchase.


I'm 5'11" and purchased the regular size bag. Unfortunately, my feet were crammed against the bottom of the bag so I exchanged it for the long size. Backcountry Edge was great and made it happen quickly and easily.





This is a roomy, fluffy bag that compresses well. I can't comment on the lower limits of the EN rating due to having used it out in 40 degree overnight temperatures thus far. It is very comfortable on a cool night, as it is plenty warm, and when needed, allows venting up top and and at the foot box. There's no more getting cold on one side of the body and hot on the other side, like with the zipper down on my other bag. Plus, I can look forward to no more zipper. Lastly, my NeoAir fits well in the dedicated sleeve.


This is not a dislike, but I will remember to wear long sleeves and long pants to bed due to my skin sticking a bit to the inner lining, which feels great when the skin is clean but sticky after sweating profusely and slathering layers of sunscreen.

Don H.


Great Bag for Car Camping


All features are excellent. Very comfortable. Temperature rating is accurate to a little generous (sleeps a bit colder but that may be me). Foot box is generous and the foot vent is wonderful.


Wish is was lighter and more compressible. If it was, this would be my backpacking bag.

Logan S.


Best Bag


This is absolutely the best bag i've ever had. I was hesitant about the no zipper setup, however the blanket style cover feels so roomy, and just makes you feel like you're in bed. Super soft, and very warm.


None so far.

Dayton C.


Most comfortable sleeping bag - better than mobile mummy


I'm a side sleeper. I have been using the sierra design mobile mummy, and while it is more flexible than the typical mummy bag, I still don't sleep well in it. This one is so much more comfortable and the EN rating is better than the previous version. Also like that my thermarest mattres can be slipped in so I don't slide off. Highly recommend.


Nothing I can think of

Scott T.


Awesome Bag


Design, Flexibility, weight, compression size



Kevin D.


Revolutionary design


Very roomy around the top where you need it if you are a side sleeper or roll back and forth a lot. The non zipper design and comforter top really make this feel like you just have a blanket on you. I haven't tested this in below freezing weather yet but even when I do I plan to have a merino wool base layer ready to go. One of my favorite features is that it can accommodate a 25" pad with the built in pad sleeve.


Wish Sierra Designs would just make a 0 degree rated version of this with 850 or 900 down.

Doran H.


Warm as heck


Design is intelligent and functional. Works great


It's too warm