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Item # JTB6204

Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System

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Jetboil Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System

By Luke

Enwild Gear Specialist

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The revolutionary Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System is a fully featured camp stove that nests in its own pot. The system comes complete with a 5-liter pot and lid, a 10-inch ceramic-coated fry pan, and a carrying bag to keep everything neat and tidy.


The revolutionary Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System is a fully featured camp stove that nests in its own pot. The system comes complete with a 5-liter pot and lid, a 10-inch ceramic-coated fry pan, and a carrying bag to keep everything neat and tidy.

The stove’s two burners run off a standard 16.4-ounce propane canister (sold separately) and are capable of putting out 10,000 BTU’s each, enough to boil 32 ounces of water in three minutes. The stove unfolds so you can fry on one side while boiling on the other.

The system’s 5-liter hard-anodized aluminum FluxPot sits directly on the high performance burner, ensuring that less heat is lost during the cooking process. A built-in windscreen allows the pot to function effectively even under less than optimal conditions. The clear plastic pot lid has a built-in strainer and a heat resistant handle. The included 10” ceramic-coated fry pan with folding handles adds to the systems versatility. A simple-to-use electric igniter makes lighting the burner and operating the stove quick and easy.

Compatible with standard 16.4-ounce propane bottle (not included), the Genesis Base Camp 2 Burner System comes with a carrying bag with for added convenience.

  • 5L FluxPot for industry leading Jetboil fuel efficiencies
  • 10 inch ceramic coated fry pan for eco-friendly non-stick performance
  • System carrying bag with pocket for regulator fuel connection
  • Compact folding 2-burner stove
  • Jetboil engineered value for advanced simmer control
  • Jetlink for expanded cooking systems
  • Easy-to-clean drip trays
  • Level igniter

Technical Specs

Best Use
Average Boil Time
3 minutes per 32oz
Cold Weather Performance
16.4 oz Propane Bottle (sold separately)
Item Weight
9.1 lbs
Packed Size
10.3" x 7.2"

11 Reviews

4.82 / 5


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One World Imaging


Best stove I’ve ever used


Love how everything nests together as well as the option to add additional burners for flash coffee press or to add the half gen to cook on!



Shane S.


High end gear


Small, packable. A pot and a frying pan. Perfect for camping. Endless possibilities with accessories etc. Perfect for 2.


Too heavy for backpacking but the need for this sized cookware isn't there in backpacking so it's a wash.

Rita S.


I really love this camp stove. I have only used it 2 times so far but It works as described.


Easy temp adjustment, boils water quickly. Quick set up and clean up Compact, storage and transport are easy Nice that I can expand if needed


Would have liked the ability to add a griddle on the rare occasion I am cooking for several. Got a different wind blocker, the one included was flimsy

Dexter Y.


I like it.


Works great. These things are costly, but Enwild had a pretty good discount available at the time I bought it. That's the only reason I bought this stove instead of other brands. I find that the form factor of the set makes it a lot easier for me to store with my setup.


Price. Enwild has good discounts all the time. Take advantage of them.

Randall T.


So far, so good.


Had been looking to replace my 35 year old white gas stove. Saw this and it looked like it would suit my needs well. I like the open concept that allows for more flexibility for pan size that is a possible issue with other fold open stoves with windscreen wings. Fry pan has ceramic coating and for me will likely be used more than the big pot.. Burners are powerful and was able to get decent results on a stir fry dish I made on the patio to test it out. My camping season is over here and look forward to using it next season. I like the flexibility to ad on the Luna burner or other accessories. All stores neatly in a vinyl storage bag.


A little pricey. Not impressed with the supplied windscreen and made my own.





Design and engineering is great!


None yet

Masaaki S.




ease use low price



Tejas S.


Great stove


Great thus far and will update with thorough review soon.


Will update with more usage.

Jerrold P.


What a great thing!


This is for car camping. It is half the weight of my previous "base camp" type stove and much more compact. That it come with the fry pan and big pot is a bonus. It produces as much heat as any stove that I have had and it packs up so nicely!


The included "wind screen" may be a little flimsy and awkward to use. Have not tried it yet though.

Vanessa D.


Great For Car Camping


This stove is great for car camping. It really does boil water within three minutes but it has to be set on a high setting. Cooked some mac and cheese with this stove and it was hot enough to burn my mouth. Everything fits in the carrying bag to keep it nice and neat, except for the fuel. You'll have to keep that separate. I bought a 16.4-ounce Coleman's propane canister and it worked just fine. The best thing though is the heat control so you won't scorch your food.



Sergio R.


Great Stove


I think this is a great stove. I will be using it for car camping and the compactness of this stove works very well for me. The pot and pan are also nice additions to my existing camp cookware. The stove fits nicely in my REI camp tote bag with room to spare. Something I read elsewhere and suggest is to place a kitchen towel over the pot before placing the stove in it. This will protect the pot from dents and scratches. Jetboil should include one. So far I have made popcorn with it and did so without burning it. This is because of the flames adjustability, my old (and admittedly low end) stove was only high or off. I also have the Luna burner which I love. It will boil water quickly but note that there is no locking mechanism for the canister on the Luna like the other Jetboil stoves apparently have. I purchased the 1.8 liter canister and never did I feel it would fall off the Luna, but just fyi. If you were like me and tired of burning food or scorching your cookware, you should consider this stove.