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Item # JTBJ6202M

Jetboil MicroMo Canister Stove

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Starting with the same proven, efficient technology for which Jetboil is known, the MicroMo personal cooking system incorporates a valve design that grants it adjustable simmer control for optimal versatility for backcountry mealtimes


Starting with the same proven, efficient technology for which Jetboil is known, the MicroMo personal cooking system incorporates a valve design that grants it adjustable simmer control for optimal versatility for backcountry mealtimes.

The MicroMo's 0.8-liter insulated and hard-anodized aluminum cooking cup connects directly to the high-performance burner via Jetboil's FluxRing design, ensuring that less heat is lost during the cooking process. The broad base of the burner also enhances cooking and improves the overall stability of the MicroMo. A built-in windscreen allows the MicroMo to function effectively even under less than perfect conditions. A simple-to-use push-button igniter makes lighting the burner and operating the MicroMo quick and easy.

A neoprene lining encases the cooking cup, keeping food and beverages warm long after heating. A sip-through lid further helps insulate the contents of the cooking cup and prohibits spills. The protective plastic bottom of the cup can be removed for use as a small bowl or measuring device.

Compact and lightweight, the entire MicroMo cooking system can be stowed inside the cooking cup, reducing the entire 12 ounce MicroMo to a 4.1" x 6.5" packed size. You can customize and expand the use and functionality of your MicroMo with additional cooking cups, a coffee press, or any of many other Jetboil accessories (sold separately). A pot support is included for compatibility with other backpacking cookware.

The MicroMo requires the use of a Jetpower Fuel canister (sold separately). Each 100g canister of Jetpower Fuel allows the MicroMo to boil 12 liters of water. Burn time for a half a liter of water is 2 minutes, 15 seconds. A folding fuel stabilizer stand is included to improve the stability of the system on uneven ground. Fuel canisters stow conveniently with the stove inside the cooking cup.

The Jetboil MicroMo personal cooking system is available in your choice of colorful patterns.

  • For Heating/water boiling only!
  • Lightweight .8 Liter FluxRing cooking cup
  • Lightweight Drink-through lid with pour spout & strainer
  • Lightweight insulating cozy
  • Lightweight shroud
  • Jetboil engineered valve for unmatched simmer control
  • Consistent performance down to 20 degrees F (-6 degrees C)
  • Push-button igniter
  • Able to store a 100g Jetpower fuel can
  • Pot support and fuel canister stabilizer included
  • Compatible accessories include Coffee Press and Hanging Kit (sold separately)

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Camping
Average Boil Time
2 min 15 sec (per 0.5 L)
Cold Weather Performance
Iso/Propane Canister
Item Weight
12 oz (w/o fuel stabilizer or fuel canister)
Item Dimensions
4.1' x 6.5"
Pot Support and Fuel Canister Stabilizer included

13 Reviews

4.77 / 5


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Super UL cooking system





John K.


Micromo the best!


Vast improvement from my previous personal cook system for bicycle touring. I like the following features, very efficient and quick stove, built-in stove igniter, cup locks onto stove, partial wind screen, and the insulator sleeve works quite well with strap handle for back of hand support when handling.


Wish the cover would snap on a little tighter for security in storage, transport and when using for drinking.

Tony V.


Love this self contained cooking system!


Everything you need to prepare a hot meal on the trail is In a lightweight, neatly organized container.


None so far.

Jonathan S.


Fast boiling and seems pretty efficient


I mostly used this for boiling water for freeze dried meals, cups of tea and Milo etc on a solo trip. Weight, boil time and efficiency were all near enough as claimed - 0.8 liters capacity is probably just about enough for 2 people but you would probably want a minimo. The regulator works well, I did a couple of overnighters (round trips to / from huts) where I took proper food and wine! managed to Saute bacon, onions and mushrooms + veg etc without burning to the bottom.


It's a bit unstable and top heavy even with the stabilizer, not a big deal but care is required.

Gary J.


Great System!


I wanted a Mo stove and I got this one to check out the .8L cup. Its a great system, fast, works as advertised. The .8L and 1L will safely boil .5L without boiling over. The Mo burner can simmer and is pressure regulated. If I planned on doing a lot of simmering / real cooking I would either use the short wide cup or use the pot support and bring a cookset. The .8L cup and the 1L tall cup can fit your fuel and the pot support but the short wide cup wont fit the pot support with fuel.


There's nothing to dislike about the MicroMo. Remember not to rely on any canister stove if you're going to be in a lot of harsh, windy, subfreezing conditions.

Mark R.


Fast stove.


Boils water fast, simmers, stable, and is fairly low profile.


12 oz is a little heavy and it’s pricey.

Stephen G.


The best for boiling


Small, quick, compact, efficient. If you're going with dehydrated meals and just need water boiled quickly, nothing comes close to the JetBoil. Perfect for both backcountry and car camping as well. I can pull off in a rest stop and have a hot coffee or tea ready to go in less than 3 minutes when I'm on the road. Love this thing!


At altitude - I've noticed it sometimes has a little trouble getting it ignited over about 9-10,000 ft, so when I'm going high into the mountains I usually bring an alternate cooking system or be prepared to light with matches or a lighter instead of the push button ignition.

Howard M.


Perfect size


Size, weight, function


None yet.

Matt B.


Lightweight and simple to use!


Easy to use. light and quick. 8 oz was boiling on around a minute!



Dayton C.


Compact and boils fast


Nice and compact, super quick setup and boils water super fast. This is my goto stove for not only backpacking but offroad camping - especially boiling water for coffee and warm water to wash face in the morning jetboil warranty is awesome too - had a problem when it melted the plastic b/c I was using it on GSI stove, and they sent me a replacement


Wish there was a better mechanism for removing the pot from the stove easier - no big deal, I don't generally lock in the pot to the stove so I just lift and remove when the water finish boiling

Justin G.


Great cooking system


You can pack everything into the cup for transport, boils water extremely fast and love the coozy on the cup makes handling it while hot much easier


If you don't catch it on sale it's a little more than I would give, but on sale very reasonable for this system.



Light, fast, effective


Product works as expected. Boils water extremely fast (16 oz in less than 3 mins) without a significant weight burden. Also, the compact packing design is a huge plus. All necessary accessories fit in the cup: stand, 100g fuel can, and burner. Had no problem firing the stove up in freezing temperature.


Sometimes the lid pops off more easily than I prefer. I suspect user error.