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Item # KAHB5402M

Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction Device (Pair)

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Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction Device

By Becky

Enwild Gear Specialist

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Lightweight, functional and convenient, Kahtoola MICROspikes offer versatile traction for everything from casual walking on snowy and icy streets to the performance required for winter trail running or backcountry hiking.


Lightweight, functional and convenient, Kahtoola MICROspikes offer versatile performance for winter conditions. Whether you need added traction for snowy and icy streets or improved performance for winter trail running or backcountry hiking, MICROspikes are up to the task.

Available in multiple sizes and utilizing a flexible elastomer harness, MICROspikes attach securely to footwear ranging from sneakers and casual shoes to trail running shoes and hiking boots. Easy-to-use, MICROspikes do not require any buckles or straps. Reinforcements on the harness at the flex chain connection points bolster durability and integrated heel tabs make MICROspikes easy to take on and off.

An innovative stainless steel flex chain supports 3/8" long spikes that provide MICROspikes with the traction you need to stay active in winter. The flex chain offers reliable performance on ice, packed snow, wet rocks and scree. Integrated quad-cleats located beneath the heel provide additional stability, weight distribution and traction. The Kahtoola MICROspikes Tote Sack is included to store and protect your MICROspikes.

Sold in pairs, Kahtoola MICROspikes are available in four sizes to accommodate different sized feet and varying styles of footwear (see Size Chart).

  • Reinforced Eyelets for increased durability
  • Elastomer Harness stays supple to -30° Fahrenheit
  • Heel Tab for easy on and off
  • Stainless Steel Flex Chain keeps snowballing at bay
  • 3/8" Hardened Stainless Steel Spikes dig into icy terrain
  • Front Bar holds MICROspikes securely in place
  • Tote Sack is included to store and protect your MICROspikes

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Hiking, Snow Sports

Our Thoughts

39 Reviews

4.82 / 5

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Nikki Weiss


AWESOME addition to my gear!! :)


I do a LOT of mountain hiking all year long, and I absolutely LOVE these!! They are hands down better than any other traction devices I've used in the past. Awesome grip on icy and snow-packed mountain trails, including steep terrain. Aggressive enough, without being too aggressive. Simple on and off. Stays in place well. Compact and lightweight to have available in my pack anytime I think I might want them.


Nothing to dislike. Only wish I had gotten them sooner! :)

Bruce Henderson


Great traction, light, and tough


I discovered Enwild while shopping for a replacement for the Kahtoola Microspikes I had lost. Microspikes provide such secure footing, and they're durable. Enwild's pricing is attractive, shipping is fast, and service is top-notch! I'm a happy new customer.


None. I regret losing my earlier pair of Microspikes but the silver lining to that is finding Enwild's great pricing, shipping, and service!

Melanie B.




Easy on and easier off, these spikes give 100% sure footing in everything from mud to snowpack to solid ice. They are light and tough; No bent spikes or broken chains.


Can feel 'lumpy' when used with lower quality boots with softer soles.



Winter weather necessity


They friggin rule. I had plenty of traction through all kinds of snow and ice on top of dirt and rocks while hiking through the mountains. A friend who went without was sliding all over the place.



William B.


Works as designed


Fits all types of trail runners. Good traction.


None yet.

Woody C.


Great Micro Spikes for Slippery Conditions


These are well made and easy to take on and take off. The tote keeps things clean after you've removed them.



Gerald B.


Great traction, fit well on most boots


Great traction. You immediately notice a difference without noticing you are wearing these while walking. Glad to have them with us in the Rockies. We did not sharpen the blades.


They get loose pretty quickly. Snow has packed under them. My insulated winter boot for snowshoeing despite having areas to grip on to does not work well with these and I have to re-seat them every 15 minutes. On my less insulated boots, they sit more easily but also comes loose quickly. Neither is a deal breaker. There are not many aalternatives. I simply expected a better fit and on four different boots, they never sit securely enough for my taste.



The Best!


fit, long-lasting/sturdy, really bite into ice, compact/packable



David K.


Essential Winter Hiking Accessory


I had a chance to discover the essential utility of microspikes on a hike this year. Our winter was unusually mild, so the mountain trails were melted off in many areas making snowshoeing not possible. Wanting to get out anyway, I headed up in hiking shoes and brought along my Kahtoolas in the pack. As I progressed up the mountain, trail conditions varied between dry, muddy, patchy snow and ice. Once I hit the first bad section of trail I attached the Kahtoolas, and suddenly my ordinary hiking shoes became all-terrain demons. They were absolutely fantastic at totally conquering any conditions I encountered on the trail that day. I am a die-hard convert! The Kahtoola's design is super rugged and makes attachment and removal super simple for almost any shoe or boot. They stay put when attached better than I expected, and when removed they easily collapse to a minimal profile for storage in my pack (the included storage bag is a plus for that). I found the sizing to be true according to Kahtoola's sizing guide for both my shoes and my wife's. I was concerned the full spikes might be too aggressive given some of the other designs I have seen, like the Yaktrax, that provide more of a traction chain design. But after using the Kahtoolas I have no regrets whatsoever about going for full spikes. The traction is amazing, and I never feel like I'm walking suspended on spikes or cleats. Highly recommended!



Mark O.


Good product


I've used these several times now on both straight ice and a mix of hard pack and loose powder while climbing. They do fantastic on everything except when you really need to dig in.


I was hoping for a little more "stick" in less than ideal conditions, but it's really not that big of a complaint.

James T B.




Fits both my boots and trail-runners well. Strong. Added traction. Wish I had last year in CO.



Howard B.


The really work well


These are a spare pair, I have used them for years, and they work really well. The new pair should work as well as the old ones.