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Item # MSRJ2202

MSR WhisperLite Universal Hybrid Fuel Stove

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The reliable and durable MSR WhisperLite Universal stove provides versatility for use with a canister or a variety of liquid fuels. This fuel-burning flexibility makes the WhisperLite Universal ideal for backpackers, mountaineers or international travelers.


The MSR WhisperLite Universal stove provides optimal versatility for use with a canister or a variety of liquid fuels. This fuel-burning flexibility makes the WhisperLite Universal ideal for backpackers, mountaineers or world travelers.

The WhisperLite Universal includes swappable Shaker Jets to equip it for use with fuels varying from white gas to kerosene to unleaded gasoline. The self-cleaning Shaker Jets utilize a weighted needle to allow fuel to flow without risk of blockage from unvaporized and solidified fuel particles. When the stove isn't in use, you simply press to the needle to push any debris through the jet's opening.

Additionally, the WhisperLite Universal has a connection point that allows it be used with an MSR IsoPro fuel canister (sold separately). An inverted canister stand ensures optimal fuel-burning performance.

On white gas, the WhisperLite Universal boils a liter of water in 3.5 minutes. Kerosene provides better burn time (155 minutes vs. 110 minutes) but takes 4.4 minutes to bring a liter of water to boil. When used in canister mode (8 oz fuel canister), the WhisperLite Universal delivers a boil time of 3.5 minutes and a burn time of 75 minutes.

Broad, lightweight support legs and serrated pot supports provide solid stability. These elements are constructed of stainless steel to ensure durability at a minimal trail weight.

The MSR WhisperLite Universal stove includes a fuel pump, windscreen, heat reflector, small parts kit, stuff sack and instructions. NOTE: Fuel Bottles and IsoPro Fuel Canisters are sold separately.

  • Hybrid design burns white gas, Kerosene, unleaded gasoline or IsoPro fuel canisters (sold separately)
  • Includes inverted canister stand for better cold weather performance and consistent output
  • Three self-cleaning Shaker Jets and two source couplers to match the preferred fuel
California residents: view proposition 65  Warning

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Mountaineering
Average Boil Time
3.5 minutes (on white gas)
4.4 minutes (on Kerosene)
3.75 minutes (Iso/Propane canister)
Burn Time
155 minutes (20 oz of Kerosene)
Cold Weather Performance
White Gas, Kerosene, Unleaded Gasoline or IsoPro Fuel Canisters
Item Weight
9.5 oz (canister fuel mode)
11.5 oz (liquid fuel mode)
Storage Case and Inverted Canister Stand Included
Stainless Steel/Brass

12 Reviews

4.58 / 5


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Not Bad


burns white gas, Kerosene, unleaded gasoline or IsoPro fuel canisters


fuel bottle sold separately

Kevin S.


Overall, works as expected


I haven't used this out in the field yet but it was quite easy to set up and use with a variety of gas methods - both white gas and your run of the mill cans of gas. I'll be traveling a good bit coming up so it's nice to have the variety - and I bought it during the Labor Day sale so it was a nice discount.


None so far - will report back on how it handles after a few good trips.

Steven P.


good stove-classic


operates easily with iso fuel canister. adjustable flame


changing nozzle to change fuel type

George S.


Terrific stove, easy to use


Prefer having a refillable canister to cut on waste and easy to see how much fuel is left.


Not the lightest stove but I knew that when buying it.

Daniel D.


Great stove for winter or groups


Powerful stove with great flame adjustability! Ability to use liquid fuel or canisters is perfect for all season use. Makes a great base-camp stove for fly-away camping trips.


None! It's lightweight for this type of stove and works perfectly for my intended use.



Easy to learn to use


We've wanted this stove for a long time. Can't beat the versatility and it was easy to learn to use. Seems well made, to last.


We like it.

Duy L.


MSR Whisperlite Universal


This stove is versatile. Works with both canister and liquid fuel. Good for winter expeditions and extreme cold weather.


The stove is bulky and heavier than other options. I would only use this stove when backpacking in groups or going on expeditions.

Tony K.



Light weight, easy to use, converts to accommodate many different uses and fuel sources.


For some reason I thought this stove was going to be more compact but after seeing what it can do out in the field it is worth the extra bulk.

Jeff S.



light and compact. It is also easily field maintainable


doesn't come with liquid fuel bottle

Inside Edge Member



So far I've only used it with liquid fuel. Boils a quart of water very quickly (5 minutes?). Construction is solid. Looking forward to many years with this stove. Liquid fuel (Coleman camp fuel) is very hard to find in San Diego. Will try canisters next time.


No complaints.

David H.



Versatility of canister or liquid fuel. Very sturdy, easy to stabilize pots/ pans and great temperature control for simmering. I've used this stove a few times on the trail and several times at home with great results and no issues. The canister can be inverted with the stand for better performance and the windscreen included in the kit is a nice touch, especially on those windy lookout points. Seems to be very durable. This has definately become my favorite stove.



Anonymous Backcountry Edge Customer



Shipped quickly, Loved how the stove provides optimal versatility for use with a canister or a variety of liquid fuels. Cant wait to take out on a camping trip!


Nothing negative to say!