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Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

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Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree Sleeping Bag

By Steven

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The Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree sleeping bag borrows the innovative zipperless design of the award-winning Backcountry Bed but offers up a lighter weight, streamlined design that is ideal for 3-season backpacking.


The Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree sleeping bag borrows the innovative zipperless design of the award-winning Backcountry Bed but offers up a lighter weight, streamlined design that is ideal for 3-season backpacking.

Renowned for their efficiency in retaining heat and compressible properties, the feathers and fibers of down have an incredibly soft, comfortable feel, and despite advances in synthetic materials, continue to provide the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation available. The one inherent weakness of down insulation is that it loses much of its ability to maintain warmth when it gets wet, but the bag’s 800-fill DriDown performs differently. Employing a unique, innovative polymer application, DriDown actually creates a hydrophobic finish on each individual plume of down. This treatment results in insulation that stays dry longer, dries faster, and better retains its insulating qualities when wet than traditional, untreated down. A 15D nylon ripstop shell further protects the insulation from the elements.

By eliminating zippers, the bag saves weight, reduces noise, and gives you the ability to move around. An integrated front "comforter" grants access to the bag, seals efficiently to maximize warmth, and can be folded down for venting if temperatures rise. A zipperless, self-sealing foot vent allows you to extend your feet out of the bottom of the bag in balmy weather but effectively retains heat when temperatures require it. A sleeve on the bottom of the bag lets you pair it directly to a sleeping pad (pad not included) to even better create a bed-like sleeping experience.

The Sierra Designs Cloud 20 Degree sleeping bag is available in Regular (fits up to 6' 0") and Long (fits up to 6' 6") sizes. A stuff sack and storage sack are included.

  • Patent pending zipperless design
  • Oversized integrated comforter
  • Insulated shoulder pocket
  • Patented self-sealing foot vent
California residents: view proposition 65  Warning

Technical Specs

Best Use
Backpacking, Camping
En Comfort Rating
26 Degrees F
En Lower Limit Rating
15 Degrees F
Fill Material
800-Fill DriDown
Fits To Girth
Regular: 60"
Long: 62"
Fits To Length
Regular: 6' 0"
Long: 6' 6"
Temperature Rating
20 Degrees F
Insulation Type
Item Weight
Regular: 1 lb 13 oz
Long: 2 lbs
Stuff Sack and Storage Sack Included
Limited Lifetime
Packed Size
7.5" x 15"
Shell Material
15D Nylon Ripstop
Liner Material
15D Nylon Ripstop

12 Reviews

4.58 / 5


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Very comfortable for side sleepers


This is a very comfortable and very lightweight bag. It does require a standard narrow 20" pad to fit into the sleeve because there is no insulation in the back of the torso. However, a wide pad set underneath the sleeve also works. The side panels have a lot of down stuffing and 'make' the bag great.


Only a couple points: the shell fabric is fairly noisy to me - polyester? And the down filling the blanket part that flops over the torso and shoulders is not as thick as the sides. That part does not seem as warm, so the 26F comfort rating seems overly generous unless you are wearing a down jacket or fleece top.

Christopher M.


Comfortable and warm


I bought this bag to take to Philmont this past year. I have used it for about 40 nights of camping so far with several temps being about 32 degrees. I really like not having a zipper this makes it comfortable and not claustrophobic. I toss and twist a lot during the night and have found the sleeping pad sleeve helps tremendously. I have not had a big issue with any drafts as the side wraps pretty well for me at a 150lbs frame.


Would like the little more width around the knees.

Mike M.


Overall a good bag


The bag seems very comfortable and easy to get in and out off. For a semi claustrophobic person like myself it is an excellent design.


Have not used it below 50 degrees yet but am skeptical it will go down to the 26 comfort level....we'll see. That being said, I wish there was a zero degree version to take me down to at least 15 or 20 degrees.





- ZIPPERLESS!!! - Incredibly warm - Packs down very tight in stuff sack


- Wish it was Blue, UTFT.

Brian R.


Nice for Side Sleeping Sprawlers


I don't like traditional mummy bags - this brings lots of extra room/freedom of movement, which is great!


Sealing out the cold can be just a touch trickier than with a traditional zippered bag.

David F.


Great product


Lightweight, very warm, plenty of options to vent during warmer nights. Very roomy, easily able to roll to the side while leaving the blanket part tucked in


If I had to pick one negative, it would be that the hood isn't overly large. More than adequate though

Edward O.


Wow, a cloud!


Easy to use and regulate temperature. Most comfortable sleeping bag experience yet. Temp rating seems accurate and materials are top quality.


The hood can be little weird for side sleepers and the pad sleeve, while easy to use, adds a fiddle factor. BUT, that’s what you sign up for in a design like this.

Brian C


Warm zipperless bag


Its light, warm, and zipper less allowing to expel heat when needed but also works well to keep the heat in by wrapping the top flap over and tuck. The foot vents are also a nice touch that takes away some of the mummy claustrophobic feel. I'm about 5'9 and the regular fits me well but should consider getting the larger version if you are taller. I also have a fairly stocky build and had plenty of room for my shoulders and arms.


I don't like how the flap opens up on one side. The backcountry bed has a more blanket feel to it since it can be pulled down on both sides.

Chandra R.


Light. Fluffy. Warm. Cozy. Good fit.


I originally purchased the women's cloud 20 but found that it was too short for me though I am only 5'-6". This men's regular length fits perfectly in length and though it is only 1" bigger in the shoulders - actually feels roomier in the hips as well. I typically use a 25" wide pad which doesnt fit in the sleeve on the regular length bag. So I borrowed a narrow pad to try with this bag and it was great. I was able to change positions without getting tangled up and the added structure actually made the bag feel roomier somehow.


The only thing I don't love about the bag is the sleeve/area of missing insulation on the back. When I don't have my pad in the sleeve I roll around and expose my back to cold air where the insulation is missing. The only reason I don't have my pad in the sleeve is because I prefer a wide pad and it doesn't fit in the sleeve. (FYI the long mens bag has a 25" sleeve but all other have a 20" sleeve). So, if they had insulation everywhere and used a detachable/option/adjustable sleeve strap it would solve all the issues.

Matt R.


Awesome Sleeping Bag!


Have used this sleeping bag three times so far and love it. The ability to stick your feet out the bottom of the bag is a big plus. Really like the integrated comforter design and not having mess with a zipper in the dark. Unfortunately I haven't been able to test it out in cold weather yet so I can't speak to the comfort level in temps below 50 degrees. It appears like it will be quite warm when the temps drop.


A little more difficult getting in and out due to the "no zipper" design but that's the price you pay for the convenience of not having a zipper that most likely would get stuck anyway. A good trade-off in my opinion.

Alex W.


So far so good!


As someone who rolls around a lot in their sleep, this bag has been great. I'm a side sleeper and I'm able to position my legs in different ways with ease. I slept a night when it probably dipped down into the low 30's, and I was comfortable in the shorts and tee shirt I was wearing. I like the sleeve that hugs my air mattress, this is huge for those that toss and turn a lot. Last, but not least, I enjoy the wrap around feature that makes this bag unique, it gives you that comforting feeling like you're under a traditional blanket.


So far, none.

Michael P.


The Best of Both Worlds


I have tried to for so long to bridge the gap between Quilt and traditional sleeping bags with zippers. I have done it with the cloud. With the cloud you have the comfort of your bed at home with the bed like design. Pros NO ZIPPER!!!! Bed like comfort with a quilt Pad sleeve keeps bag in place Weight comparable to a quilt Dry down and wet resistant shell to battle wet weather The foot box vent in case you get hot.


I only really have one dislike and that is the synch cord lock at the head. It can be a little finicky at times but it is not a deal breaker.